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One-on-One Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is a valuable complementary health modality, increasingly supported by scientific research and modern medicine.

Each technique is thoughtfully chosen and tailored to meet you where you are at and assist you in working toward your identified goals. 


Customized one-on-one sessions can support you to:

  • Heal from injuries, trauma, and illness

  • Adapt yoga techniques for your own unique body and experience

  • Expand your tools for managing both physical and mental health challenges

    • For example: Depression; anxiety; Post-Traumatic Stress; chronic pain; fibromyalgia; cancer; heart conditions; asthma​; Alzheimer's and dementia; arthritis and joint pain; osteoporosis; chronic fatigue; insomnia; spinal conditions and back pain; etc.

~ FREE Consultation ~

Customized one-on-one Yoga Therapy sessions
(1 hour 30 minutes each) by sliding scale $85-140.

Bundles of 3 or more sessions by sliding scale of $70-125 per session.

  • Achieve your wellness goals

    • For example: Maintaining your independence as you age; managing and reducing anxiety in daily life; training for a sporting event; etc. 

  • Develop personalized tools and confidence to support a home practice and/or to attend general group yoga classes

  • Build and maintain optimal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness and balance

  • Improve overall quality of life. 

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*Techniques may include:

  • Asana (physical yoga postures) - Designed to be an appropriate and accessible balance of gentle/supported and challenging for YOUR body and goals at this time

  • Pranayama (intentional breath techniques)

  • Meditation, visualization, contemplation, self-reflection

  • Mantra (sound and chanting) and affirmations

  • Mudra (yogic hand gestures that create an intentional energetic effect in the mind/body)

  • Guided self-massage

  • Free-form movement such as shaking or inspirational dance

  • Explorations of yogic philosophy, yoga therapy research, chronic pain theory, etc.

  • Rest and relaxation in a held space

  • Collaboration with other members of your health care team (if applicable and desired)

  • Referrals to other practitioners/modalities as relevant. 


The choice is always yours regarding whether or not you work with a particular technique -


This is your practice. 

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