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Core Values

  1. Integrity - This includes treating all beings with respect, kindness, honesty, and compassion; providing an environment, interactions, and practices that are safe, anti-oppressive, and free from abuse; and always acting in accordance with the stated values. 

  2. Accessibility - This includes (as much as reasonably possible) accommodating for disability (whether physical, cognitive, sensory, mental health, etc.) and financial circumstance; the removal of barriers; and prioritizing serving those who most need service and least have access to existing or mainstream services. 

  3. Freedom - This includes authenticity, self-determination, and honouring each individual's innate right to be oneself, to express oneself, and to make one's own choices. 

  4. Nurturing Wellness - The objective is to support people in their journeys of healing and personal growth/transformation, while striving to always think, speak, and act with love and compassion. 

Vrksasana, Beacon Hill Park, 15 July 201

5. Creativity - This includes inviting             space for inspiration, intuition,               innovation, art, design, exploration,       and expression. This also includes a       creative and collaborative approach       to finding what works for each               unique person and their needs and       circumstances. 

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